University of Cambridge, UK

Tentative title: In-vivo optical monitoring of cerebral metabolism: from newborn brain injury to dementia

Universidad del Rosario, Colombia

Tentative title: Current trends in the monitoring of the neonatal brain

University of Essex, UK

Tentative title: Going for Gold: Near Infrared Spectroscopy in elite sport

University of Bern, Switzerland

Tentative title: Quantitative optoacoustic oximetry imaging using multiple illumination

University of New Mexico, USA

Tentative title: A new paradigm for neuroprotection in acute ischemic stroke

University of Tokyo, Japan

Tentative title: Neurovascular and glymphatic dynamics during sleep in the developing brain

University of Halle, Germany

Tentative title: Significance of the acidic tumor environment for malignant potential: Not only hypoxia counts

PTB, Germany

Tentative title: Phantom-based performance assessment in fNIRS and tissue oximetry of the human brain – achievements and challenges